Mamenchisauros is a a dual-type Rock/Fairy type. It is revived from a Neck Fossil.


Level Name of Move Power Accuracy Description

Start Aura Stomp 70 99% Mamenchisauros's foot gets covered by fairy dust, then it stomps on the opponent.

Start Focus Energy -- Never Misses Mamenchisauros gets pumped up, focusing on the opponent. This raises the Attack stat and the chance for critical hits.

5 Fairy Wind 40 100% Mamenchisauros swings its neck in a circle rapidly, which kicks up a wind that blows the opponent.

13 Afebgdc -- Never Misses Mamenchisauros does the alphabet wrong, sharply lowering the opponent's Defense.

20 Rock Slide 75 90% Mamenchisauros raises its front feet up high. Then rocks fall out of white rings that are above and around it.