Pokemon Special Legendary Version is a Pokemon game made by an unknown person, and only released for a few days in North America in July 2011. All of the copies were recalled by Nintendo, due to them thinking that people might think it is a Nintendo game. However, there is a rumor that one copy is still owned by someone somewhere in Canada.


Although not much is known, a woman who said she bought the game said that it is quite short. Here is what she said:

"At first, you pick your gender, but not your name. Then you get transported to a small market, and a woman walks up to you and says "FREE POKEMON!". And then you can say yes or no. Say no, and the game will restart. Say yes, and the woman will let you choose between Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf. All of them have different outcomes. The outcomes are:

Pick Uxie: You get transported to the Kanto Hall of Fame and the same woman who gave you the Uxie congratulates you. Then, the game just shuts off. Go back on, and the game has restarted.

Pick Mesprit: The woman will start crying, and give you a Regigigas. She will then vanish and you will be transported to a Pokemon Center. If you try exit, the game restarts. If you talk to the nurse, she will say that all your Pokemon are healthy.. And like before, the game restarts. There is nothing else in the Pokemon Center, not even a PC.

Pick Azelf: The most horrifying of them all, the woman will scream, but you can actually hear it. It's so loud, it made me temporarily deaf. Then, the words You Helped Me Kill Her appear on screen, before the game restarts. I'm lucky I picked Azelf last, because after that if you try play again, a blank screen pops up before the game is deleted off your Nintendo. The thing that you poke in the top will still be there though.

This game shocked me, but I was deaf, so I couldn't really do anything. All I could do is send my husband a text saying I was deaf and to get help. He called an ambulance. It came, and I was soon treated. But the game still haunts me.


The woman took one photo of the game before sending it back to the shop after she recovered. It is shown here.