Pterodact is a Rock and Flying type evolution of Aerodactyl.


Pterodact is large and looks similar to a dragon. It is mostly black but has some yellow spots on it.


Evolves from Aerodactyl when exposed to a Dusk Stone.


AUTOMATIC: Rock Wave, Type: Rock, Accuracy: 85%, "The user crushes the target with rocks."

AUTOMATIC: Punch, Type: Normal, Accuracy: 90%, "The user punches the target with great force."

AUTOMATIC: Any moves the Aerodactyl had.

Lvl 25: Dragon Howl, Type: Dragon, Accuracy: 100, "The user lets out a large howl. This may make the target flinch."

Lvl 32: Air Smash, Type: Flying, Accuracy: 75%, "The user hurts the target from above. This has a 90% chance of paralyzing the target."

Lvl 50: Magic Spell, Type: Psychic, Accuracy: 95%, "The user lays a spell on the target, lowering all of the targets stats."


Slow Down: "The user causes the target to slow down. This lowers the targets Speed stat."

Hidden: Last Wish: "The user makes a wish before fainting. After the user faints, 50 HP is taken off the target."